Soon after I started running again, I moved towards races. Nothing keeps your workout routine solid like the occasional competition.

2008: Let's try again.
Possible events:
Alcatraz Challenge: August - I'd like to do the swim this year.
Big Kahuna Triathlon: September - half ironman length in Santa Cruz.
Mt. Diable Challenge: October - 10.8 mile hell climb on bicycle.

2007: Alcatraz Triathlon: Cancelled - I thought in winter that my rehab would keep zooming along, but by springtime I had been doing hard PT for over 6 months and I needed to take a break.
Bay to Breakers: After years of missing this for various reasons, I finally 'run' this event. Even with race sponsorship putting us in a favored starting position, it's 12 minute miles for half the course.

2006: Oops - breaking the shoulder ended this season before it began.

Pacific Grove Olympic Triathlon: First official olympic length. The view is great, but the laps (2 x swim, 4 x bike, 3 x run) are boring.

2004: Who needs to train?
I manage to prove that you can do the Alcatraz Triathlon on no training. An answer to a question no one ever wanted to ask. I end up collecting all 3 of the Alcatraz medallions for 2004.

Alcatraz Challenge (8/04): swam "naked!"
Envirosports Alcatraz Triathlon (8/04): Escaped the Aquatic Park thanks to bad fog.
Urban Challenge (7/04): Second year a bit easier for us.
Alcatraz Triathlon (6/04): Yeeha! 34 minute swim. Then...
Carlsbad Triathlon (5/04): outstanding sprint+ triathlon.
Carneros 10k (4/04): Since I couldn't run fast, opted to try the longer 10k course. Not an easy one - lots of rolling hills and very warm on this day. I must not have been the only person that hated the course changes in 2003. Old route restored.
Home Depot 5k (1/04): A bit over 12 hours after flying in from Thailand, I trot out for this run. New short sleeve, black T!

2003: The Comback?
After a bad second year where I limped about with Achilles problem and only occasionally ran in races, time to get serious again.

Urban Challenge (7/03): Mel and I take a shot at this new race type, combining adventure racing with treasure hunting.
Alcatraz Challenge (7/03): Melinda wanted to do an Alcatraz event, but without that horrible bike stage. This aquathon filled the bill, very good event.
Carneros 5k (3/03): Now running in the 26s - the wrong direction! Race course was altered, and not for the better. Nasty climb at the turnabout for the 5k course. 10k course goes back and forth all over. Same climb to the finish. No longer a recommended event, as changes seem to serve wrong interests.
Home Depot 5k (1/03): Same quick course, not same quick Jason. I run in the 24s. If I don't train, pace tends toward 8min miles. Angie completes the half marathon in strong fashion. Jenny also joins on the 5k.

Past Events: Race Reports - details and pics for the triathlons

2002: Injuries are a Pain
Home Depot Half Marathon: Jan 27th, Golden Gate Park.
Celeste and I had a good time on this cold day - I ran 1:55 and she went about 2:13. For me, clearly 8-9 miles is about my threshold without doing a lot more distance training. The last 4 got tough. Not much trouble with the ankles, but my hips locked up, and I had trouble walking down stairs (quads) for several days. Angie went great for 8 miles, but then had a repeat of the knee injury and wisely withdrew. A few pics from
Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon: I made the escape, but the course won this year. (6/02)
Hi-Tec Adventure Race: August 17th
We had a great time on this warm day until we hit the nasty bike ride section where we got clobbered. At least we didn't break a bone like two of the people/teams we saw leaving the course. Pictures too
Malibu Triathlon: September 15th. .5mi/18mi/4mi. I talked my mother into doing a triathlon this year and we had a great time in the fog.

2001: Back to Racing
Far Side 5k (11/00): My first race after 11 years! Course is flat, but over 10k runners makes it slow going for the first mile. We're probably not in shape yet for this to matter. Andrew, Norm and I come out for the offseason version of Bay to Breakers. 23:03 (starting line to finish, not gun time)
Christmas Mile/5k (12/00): First an extremely fast downhill mile course (5:29), followed 15 minutes later by a moderate 5k (24:07) which Norm also makes. Frozen yogurt in a squeeze tube is totally disgusting after a race.
Home Depot 5k (1/01): Downhill last mile makes for fast times. Andrew, John, Norm, and I all hit this one. 21:37
Carneros Vineyard 5k (3/01): I almost, but don't quite make my season target in what ends up being my last 5k of the year. Winery is set on hilltop over vines- running up this hill is the last stage of the race. 20:26. Also there - Melinda, James, Viv, Nick.
Alcatraz Triathlon: a perfectly sane first triathlon (6/01)
Sandman Triathlon: separates the men from the children. Very fun course. (8/01)
Tri for Fun Sprint: Melinda and James get their intro race. (8/01)
Hook and Ladder 10k (8/01): Celeste, Angie, and I run our first 10k. Bad to run day after triathlon. Good small event, but the last mile is uphill and punishing, and I can't quite make my 42min target. 42:07
Pacific Grove Sprint Triathlon: Melinda, James, Andrew, and I go to Monterey. (9/01)

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