Those who have never dove in California or other cold waters see the drab green color and presume that it's no different underwater. They're quite mistaken - if you bring the light, you'll find Monterey's reefs to have more color than many tropical destinations.

I have been diving for a bit over 9 years now after doing my initial certification with a NAUI instructor at Silicon Graphics. Tom took this class with me. Since then, I've logged a few hundred dives, mostly in local waters of Monterey and Carmel.

The Aquashot 3E is a popular cheap UW camera outfit. I've enjoyed great success with it - look at my best UW shots .

Staying warm in California is no trivial task. You need a good, well fitting wetsuit, or to learn to use a drysuit , an entertaining experience for me this spring.

Travelogues: photos and talk of trips away from home

Southern California Diving:
LA Wrecks Diving - Jan 99
Catalina Diving - August 98
San Clemente Island May 99

Tropical Diving:
Miami - 2003
Belize - 2003
Kona 2002 - Visiting Celeste.
Kona 2001 - post marathon diving.
Cozumel 2000 (no text)
Honduras - August 99
Cozumel 98 trip report!
Hawaiian Diving on the Kona Coast

Vancouver, BC - trips in April 2000, Nov 2001. (no text)

Travel Advisory on flying with pony bottles.

SAC Calculator - simple estimation of air consumption.

This photo is from Universal Studios, LA. My buddy, Karl, is being eaten. This is as close to a shark as most divers ever get in California.

Section 2 : more diving photos

Last Edited: March 31, 2004