Aquashot Photography in California

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This page covers the experiences I've had with the Aquashot cameras, a very inexpensive way to do UW photography. With an total entry cost of around $300 for the complete kit, it makes a good stepping stone for the beginner, and an acceptable solution for the more casual photographer. It can't do everything the Nikonos can, but it's about 1/4th the price.

My best shots with Aquashot cameras.

Examples of why you really want a strobe , and not to buy the S&S MX-5. (Rough draft still)

Review of the A35 model

Pro/Cons of the Aquashot

Problems and Solutions for A3es.

Travelogues - these are trips where I took several rolls of film. The best images are shown, along with comments on where I went wrong/right with the camera. The older pages are fully html, but for the more recent ones, you may need to load the commentary separately.

Hawaii 2001: Kona Coast with Dive Makai.
Vancouver 2001: Like Monterey, but some popular subjects are more common, and BIGGER!
Monterey, Nov 2001: After a long layoff, I finally take the camera back in. Very good first dive.
Cozumel 2000: On my second trip to this island, I took my camera. Had some trouble with strobe, and aiming in the fast current.
Roatan, Honduras (August '99): My first trip to tropical waters with a strobe and macro kit. Whalesharks, coral, and many many fish!
San Clemente Island (May '99): A trip to the Southern Channel Islands.
LA wrecks (Jan '99) and oil rigs were a blast. (so so for modem users)
Catalina (August '98): Clearer waters to the south lead to many great images on subjects we don't see in Monterey.
Hawaii (May '98): my first trip with it to Kona. This was without a strobe.